Bucket List for Briard Health

Briard Health Survey

The OFA Briard health survey is a valuable tool for researchers as well as for the Briard Medical Trust.  While it is totally anonymous, it gives the BMT a window into the types and numbers of problems facing our dogs.  This information tells us which research grants need our support.

Read more at https://ofa.org/surveys/

CHIC requirements for Briards

Requirements for Briards are tests for HD, CSNB, and the normal CERF test, with Thyroid as an option.  If your dog has had some or all of these tests it may already be listed on the OFA website.

Read more at www.caninehealthinfo.org/brdreqs.html

CHIC DNA Repository

The CHIC DNA repository collects and stores DNA samples along with geneologic and phenotypic information to facilitate future research at reducing inherited diseases in dogs.  Blood or cheek swabs can be submitted.

Read more at www.offa.org/chicdnabank.html