The Generations Project of the Briard Medical Trust (BMT) was designed to support research of genetic diseases of Briards. We believe that as breeders, and owners of stud dogs, we have a responsibility to produce healthy dogs and, to that end, to be fully informed of the latest medical discoveries to be considered in our breeding programs. With the aid of this fund, the BMT plans to support medical research that will allow us to keep our breed healthy for future generations. The donations made through this program will be used to support research into inherited and genetic diseases exclusively.

The idea for The Generations Project started with Rhonda Hoven of the Golden Retriever Club, who founded the Starlight Fund. She made the commitment to donate all stud fees earned by her stud dogs to the Starlight Fund. She then requested that the breeder using her stud dog donate $25 for each puppy produced in the litter. She further asked that each new owner of a puppy sired by her dog contribute $25 to the fund. Many breeders and new owners contribute more. During the last 5 years, the Starlight Fund has raised over $40,000.

The BMT is recommending several methods by which a breeder, stud dog owner, or puppy buyer may contribute to The Generations Project. It is suggested that owners of stud dog or brood bitches enroll them in The Generations Project and contribute by some of the following means:

  • Each breeder contribute $25 per puppy produced in a litter recognizing the dam of the litter and the breeder.
  • Each stud dog owner contribute all or a portion of the stud fee received for the service of their dog recognizing the dog and its owner.
  • Each stud dog owner contribute $25 per puppy sired by their dog recognizing the stud dog and his owner.
  • New puppy owners can be requested to donate $25 recognizing the dam of their new puppy. This can be done in several different ways. Some breeders are requesting that $25 of the purchase price of the puppy be in the form of a separate check payable to the BMT, earmarked for the Generations Project recognizing the dam of their new puppy. Other breeders are simply writing a check to the BMT for the project for the litter and requesting that the buyer write an additional check.
  • Any other way that donors wish to tie contributions to their breeding program and litters. Be creative!

We believe that The Generations Project is important to the health of each individual Briard and the long term health of the breed – for generations to come.

To enroll your dog or bitch in The Generations Project, contact Barbe Lynch.

Remember that donations by you or your puppy buyers to the BMT, including to The Generations Project, are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.